During our initial investigations in late 1997 we would come to a startling realization regarding a particular set of structures on the Giza Plateau. This would lead us to subsequently apply SiPPSiG in an attempt to further refine our understanding.  We could not shake the feeling (intuition) that something was odd in an overhead view (vector) of the internal elements of the Khafre temples. These are the structures immediately adjacent to the Sphinx.

Our approach was simple. We began at one end of the vector drawing and traced a line through the open spaces working from the pyramid outward towards the Sphinx. It was like drawing a pencil line to work our way through a maze. It soon became apparent that the Khafre structures were composed of three major sections each traceable with a continuous line. Furthermore, it was clear that a fourth area was also present but which on further inspection appeared to represent an interaction or relationship between all three structures.

The image below is an early scan of the vector with yellow lines drawn through the open areas nearest the pyramid. (The original had no color or lines associated with the sections.)


Below is a scan after drawing a green line through the left-hand side of the structure.


Below is a scan after drawing a purple line through the right-hand side of the structure.



Below is a scan showing all three lines together.


Below are the lines of interaction drawn between all three structures.  (The large red areas appear to represent inverted wave structures.)



The image below is a final enhanced image with all of the lines and interactions present.  (In early 1998 we began to think seriously about the possibility of a hidden process which we would later enhance with our SiPPSiG results.)

Final C 600x600

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